Dental Hygienist
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Job Description

Bellano is passionate about relieving stress. We want to restore patients to healthy lives and responsible hygiene practices by elevating what you expect from our doctors. Our care will always put you first by investing in long-term health planning, effective treatments, educated staff and a commitment to always treat you with respect and empathy.

This position would start part-time; Tuesday, and Thursday, and alternating ½ days at different Bellano locations on Fridays. In January 2023 the role will become a full-time, Monday-Friday position.

Dental Hygienist Position:

A Dental Hygienist performs a thorough prophylaxis and identify and treat the periodontal condition of the patient. The hygienist will also increase the patient’s awareness of any negative conditions and necessary dental work that is evident by using pictures, models, or diagrams and provide thorough oral hygiene instruction and patient education. Our hygienists will advocate for our patient’s health by providing the most beneficial hygiene care per the patients’ needs and health. Patients will leave happy, well cared for and well educated.

Dental Hygienist Duties and Responsibilities

  • Patient operatory room procedures (blood pressure, X rays as needed, perio probes, review health history)
  • Make patient comfortable and provide protective eye-wear
  • Begin chart notes—add blood pressure to note as soon as blood pressure is complete
  • Fill out hygiene checklist prior to alerting doctor for the exam
  • Alert doctor for the exam as soon as necessary x-rays and FMP have been completed
  • Use route slips for easy awareness and effectiveness
  • Introduce doctor with co-DX
  • Floss all patients
  • Fluoride for all patients at a 90% success rate
  • Polish all patients per HYG/Perio protocols
  • Phase treatment with priorities after the exam
  • Exam notes completed
  • Set appointment complete - confirm all procedures billed out properly
  • Exams under the correct provider
  • Confirm patient has recare appointment scheduled back with you
  • Recommend needed oral aids:
  • Complete route slip for front office hand-off - NDTR
  • Confirm the patient’s face is clean of debris
  • Take the patient to the front office and recap with them
  • Complete treatment notes
  • Breakdown room and sterilize instruments according to sterilization protocol
  • All trays/rooms set to standardized protocol per appointment
  • All chart notes completed for patients seen
  • Water bottles filled
  • All lines run
  • Ensure your appointment codes have been set complete correctly
  • Aide Doctor patients with anesthetic, when available, if license permits
  • And other duties as assigned

Dental Hygienist Requirements:

  • Licensed Dental Hygienist
  • 2 years of Dental Hygienist experience
  • On time and organized
  • Helps with sterilization
  • Respectful of the patient and doctor’s time
  • Great with patient education; helps patients feel comfortable and confident with their dental care.
  • Passionate about their job
  • Looks ahead at the schedule to keep everyone on time
  • Communicates well with patients and fellow team members
  • Is a team player – Works well with others

Dental Hygienist Pay:

$30-35, or depending on experience

Dental Hygienist Benefits:

N/A while Part-Time

Once Full Time, Bellano Dental is proud to offer a comprehensive health insurance package that includes:

  • Medical
  • Vision/Dental
  • 401K
  • 2 weeks PTO
  • Paid major holidays

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Preferred Years Of Experience:

2 Year(s)

Employment/Position Type:

Part Time
Date Posted : 11/02/2022